Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Background History

MDCG is a Local Non Government Organization which was founded by 13 members

 of local people with the same aim and conceptions. MDCG aim is to help people effected 
from natural and men-made disasters resulting from the wars as the first priority and the

addendum will follow by the community development in hard or/and remote area of 
Myanmar country.
       MDCG is willing to help people from these hard areas by providing aid and integrated 
livelihood access project. In MDCG most of the people from this group are the retire 
persons of government departments and have strong experiences of program, financial 
management. Also some people are from community development fields and have enough 
community development experiences from several years of working with several INGOs and 
LNGOs. This help MDCG to gain momentum and from then on a transition was started from 
a low profile CBO to a full profile NGO. Clear vision and objectives were formulated and 
structures, policies and rules and regulations were put into place.

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