Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Objectives

(1)     To reduce the threats posed by landmines and ERW by providing risk 
          education and raising awareness.
(2)     To save lives by removing landmines and ERW by conducting technical surveys,

         demarcation activities, clearance operations and ordnance disposal. 
(3)     To provide emergency assistance (food items, NFI, temporary shelter materials,
         emergency WASH) and early recovery assistance (alternative livelihoods,
         rehabilitation of community infrastructure, restoration of livelihood assets)
         to people affected by natural disasters and conflict.
(4)     Provision of capacity building of the community to enable sustainable 
         livelihood outcomes and capacity of local communities with the specific 
         aim of enhancing capacity to mitigate against future natural disasters and conflict.
(5)     Provision of assistant to CBOs and NGOs, of who are willing to serve for their
         community, to become official and legal by the constitutional law of current policy.

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